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[IP] Re: bg meter

> <<Since going on the pump a few months ago, I tried 2 bg
> meters, and don't like either -- does anyone have any
> suggestions regarding either these meters or other
> options>>

When Claire started pumping we switched to the One Touch Ultra, which was 
just out on the market.  We really like the 5 second count-down and our meter 
is extremely accurate.  I also like the nice little carrying case, which has 
room for extra pump batteries and dextrose supplies. 
     What I don't really like is the vial with the strips in it.  We go 
skiing a lot, and the vial is a big bulge in my inner pocket that I don't 
need added to my natural bulges!  I am thinking of going back to Bayer's 
Glucometer Elite, at least for skiing days, as the strips are individually 
packaged and are nice and flat to put in your pockets.  The Elites Claire has 
used have been extremely accurate when tested against the lab, and use a very 
small amount of blood, in practice a very similar amount to the One Touch 
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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