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[IP] Re: ketones

> <<This is the SINGLE most important "oversight" that I only learned in the 
> past few years ...and have been preaching it over & over again to 
> everyone...IF there is frequent vomiting, even if the bgs are NORMAL, you 
> MUST check for ketones because the dehydration from vomiting can send the 
> patient into DKA VERY rapidly.>>

Hi Renee, Melissa's pump Mum,
     Thank you for writing about this important subject.  Sickness like this 
is a good time to have available the Precision Xtra meter, which tests for 
blood ketones.  When the ketones start to clear out, you can immediately see 
that from the meter reading.  The company sent us one for free, because 
Claire was a pumper.
     When I asked about checking for ketones with normal bg readings, I was 
not considering vomiting as being part of the problem.  I know that this is 
extremely rare with kids, but Claire has never vomited in her life. When she g
ets sick it involves her ears (frequently infected due to a congenital 
problem), sore throat, fever, general unwellness etc. 
     When we went to a bigger hospital for some diabetes education after her 
dx, the one thing they really stressed was if Claire vomited twice in a 12 
hour period I was to bring her to the hospital.  This was possibly due to her 
young age, just turned 3 at that time, as now they say a different story, 
just to monitor things and keep in touch etc.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7    
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