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Re: [IP] ketones

> In a message dated 3/20/02 6:46:36 PM Central Standard Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> > the actions to 
> > take are based on high bg's, not the presence of keytones. 
> interesting......we have been told to give more insulin when ketones
> are present and Mary gets them with low numbers when she is
> sick....hmmmm Beverly

That's a different issue. Keytones generally increase insulin 
resistance. However, most people have increased insulin resistance 
when high period.

The point I was making is that corrective action based on high bg's 
alone is the first course of action. i.e. lowering bg's, pushing 
fluids. Knowing whether or not ketones are present would not change 
the course of action.

email @ redacted
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