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[IP] RE: College and diabetes

Julia:  I agree with Emily.  You need to make sure you always have
everything with you in arms reach.  I always carried glucose tablets (and
still do) and my meter in my backpack.  At night I made sure my backpack
was by my bed and that the pocket my tabs and meter were in was open.  My
freshman year I was still on MDI, and I can tell you that the other three
years, when I was on the pump, I had a much better time of getting good
grades.  I don't know if the two are related, but I think having better
control of my diabetes definitely gave me more mind space to concentrate
on my school work.  Make sure you have a medic alert something.  I had a
wristwatch wrap-around thing and then a beautiful gold necklace my
parents gave me for Christmas one year.  I would also make a friend with
at least one person in each class so that they would be able to help you
if you needed something (i.e. get a can of juice, know w! hat to do if
you pass out, etc.).  I only told the teachers in my smaller classes that
I was diabetic.  A lot of my professors had info sheets to fill out the
first day.  I would write that I was diabetic on those, just so they
knew.  I wish you the best wherever you go.  Please feel free to email me
if you have any more questions (email @ redacted).  Good luck. 

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You want to make sure that YOU carry the emergency food with you at all
times.  I keep cans of Dole pineapple juice with me and a pack of
toastcheese crackers.  I also have these within arms reach of my bed at
school.  Your blood testing machine also needs to be close by at all
times.  Mine stays with my emergency food at night, so that if I have a
morning like yesterday and wake up at 37, I do not have to move or think
to get to the food.


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