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[IP] ketone taste

From: "jspock @shore.net"
I can taste ketones.  The only way I can explain it is, it tastes like nail
polish remover smells.  (I know, it sounds weird to explain it that way, but
I don't know how else.) >>>

Isn't that the acid part of ketoACIDosis? Back in the olden days, we did not
test for ketones, but did an Acetest - testing for acetone which is exactly
what Jenn is talking about. Not weird at all - it's a fact. ;)

My understanding was/is that Type 2's do not get ketones as insulin is
required to avoid them. Like, a high BG is present, but insufficient
insulin. When we used long-acting insulin there was insulin in the system,
although not enough. With Humalog/Novolog or even Reg./Velosulin with
pumping, the insulin is out of the system rapidly making it easy to go into
DKA more rapidly - therefore the frequent testing to catch a

T-2's are insulin resistant, even though they do have insulin in their
systems - it is not used correctly. There is another problem they can get
that is equally or more so, serious. Natalie, where are you to explain
this??? (~_^)

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