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[IP] Endo

I would like to change doctors because I don't feel that my doctor(s)
have tried hard enough to educate me.  I don't know if they have not
kept to date on new issues or what but I usually get brought in, my
numbers looked at, and shuffle right back out again.  I am talked to
like a person who may not understand.  My doctor says you can make
changes without me.  I have the confidence to do so, but sometimes I am
afraid.  I have lows quiet often and can feel the symptoms, but they
feel alot like an anxiety attack to me.  Therefore, my body reacts with
fear.  I try to find patterns instead of making knee jerk changes.  Does
anyone know of a good doctor in the Lexington, NC area?  Also, are there
any good books that may help me understand better.  Alot of what I know,
I feel has changed due to research and I am all of a sudden feeling very
uninformed about my diabetes.

Billie ( diabetic for 20 yrs pumping for 4yrs)
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