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[IP] School Nurses/Nutrition Guides


No, unfortunately, we have no health aid/nurse....nothing at Amelia's
school.  There is a traveling nurse that may spend 3 hours total at the
school in one week.  Fortunately, Amelia is very independent and has done
well on her own.  She feels her lows and treats them.  She calls me for
advice when needed.  I carry a cell phone with me at all times.  We have
had a few problems with some personell in the school.  For example: when
Amelia was in first grade and we was learning to carb count, I would
visit with the school cooks to try and figure out carbs (we have no
nutrition guide whatsoever).  The head cook told her not to worry, she
would outgrow her diabetes.  This year's custodian who supervises the
lunch room got mad at a few kids and made them all dump their lunch
before being finished.  Amelia had already bolused for her entire meal
and ended up going back to her class and getting a juice from her desk to
substitute.! I guess not having that extra help has made Amelia very
independent, but at the same time, she could learn alot from a nurse at

I am frustrated that our school does not have a nutrition guide and have
complained several times.  When I asked for one, the secretary printed
out recipes for me....example: recipe for 200 tacos!  The menu does show
carbs if you special order it but they average carbs for the entire meal
and nothing is ever measured.  The most frustrating thing with the
average idea is that they take the 3 drinks offered: white milk,
chocolate milk, and Tampioca Orange Drink, average them together and add
them to the carbs.  So, we have learned by trial and error what to bolus
for school lunch.

Parents: How many of your schools have full time nurses and/or nutrition
guides....just curious!

(Mary wrote:)
I hope you have as great a school nurse and health aide in the health
as we do. Our nurse has a son that started on the pump within a month of
Chris so she is a great source of comfort when he goes to school.  The
she's much more than that, is great-she calls me with his bg's, treats
first for a low before she even calls me and just plain takes great care
him.  We are very lucky.
Thanks for writing.  It's great to know their are other parents out there
too.  Mary



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