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[IP] Re: Brittle Diabetes

I am sorry to copy the whole following letter, but I
think I wrote this!!!!!!!!!  It is exactly the way my
disease process has worked over the years.  I went
along with an A1c less than 7 for YEARS!!!  About 4
years ago, it all started going down hill, although I
can't think of what I did to cause it.  No matter what
I did, my blood sugar would go from 35 to 400 and back
down again.  I even was desperate enough to have a
hysterectomy - the doctors thought it might have been
hormonal.  That seemed to help for a few months, but
then I was right back with erratic sugars.

I also used to think that "brittle" diabetics just
didn't try hard enough - now I know better.  Of
course, there is always room for improvement -- so
keep trying.  The pump has made things much better for
me, but not perfect and my first A1c on the pump was
7.5 - the same as before the pump.  I'm hoping the
next one will be better as I get better and more
experienced at pumping.

So anyway - this following letter sounds much like my

Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 08:53:24 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Brittle Diabetes

I used to be one of those diabetics with terrific
A1c's without much 
for the first ten years that I had diabetes.  Almost
every time I 
tested, I 
was in or near the normal range.  I used to think
those with poor 
were either uneducated or undisciplined. But then
after my children 
born, everything changed.  My hormonal cycles started
creating control 
issues, I started having a strong dawn phenomenon, and
became much more 
sensitive to exercise, food, everything.  My numbers
can be all over 
place for no apparent reason.  I'm sure there is a
reason, I just can't 
figure it  out. Maybe it's my age, the length of time
I've had diabetes 
(almost 20 years), the stress that family life can
create (although I 
college, high school, etc., also had stress).   Who
knows?  The pump 
has made 
things better, but not like it used to be.  I can't
believe I used to 
be so 
arrogant in my attitudes towards people with control
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