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[IP] Re: ? pump boluses required before meals

Dr. Marion says <snip> If a site is in the abdomen, it could absorb much
faster. I am talking about how much time it takes a bolus to drop b.g. 10-15
points.  For Gabe that is 10-15 minutes.  Boluses given right before meals
lead to post prandial spikes above 160.  Same meal, same bolus given 15
minutes before meal will result in little or no spike at 1 hour. YMMV <snip>

and Barbara B says <snip> Let's not forget that there are some people who
need to bolus with Humalog or Novolog *after*  they eat...My point

I agree, this is a HUGE YMMV thing.  Using Humalog, my bg doesn't budge a
point for at least 45 minutes for a correction bolus, and it can be longer
if the bg is much over 200.  My bg will consistently drop 20 pts after 1 hr
for each unit that I bolus.  For me, it is independent of where the site is
(abdomen, arm, hip) and how the bolus is given (pump or injection).

I take meal boluses while I am eating usually, sometimes after, never
before.  I use dual and square wave boluses for larger amounts of protein
and high fat content meals.  I never get a bg spike at one hour, though.  I
always check bg two hours after eating and correct to 140 if over that bg

I live by the unused insulin rule and patience :-)   YMMV

Shelly Fast
dx 1981, pumping since 2/00
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