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"We eliminated the display because we found the patients were making adjustments based on the numbers. DUH! One more example of the medical profession's attitude that the patient is not to be trusted with their own care."

Actually by making adjustments based on the constant readings of the CGMS - the wearer has destroyed the effectiveness of the test.  The CGMS is a TEST - in its current form it is only useful in that fashion. After the 72 hours you won't have that readout - it will be back to your multiple times a day finger pricks and insulin adjustments based on those. The CGMS is designed to let you see how your NORMAL routine effects you - so that your basal/bolus rates can be more finely tuned. If you don't let it do its job and see how your routine works for you it's useless. MM was right on. 

I am doing the CGMS in April (could have had it on Tuesday but this durn cold has my BG's all messed up) I know I would be tempted (but would resist - I think) if I could see the readout - but I know to get that look on what is going on between my 7 am pre-breakfast and my 9:30 post breakfast check (that often runs high) I need to let it do the readings WITHOUT changing my normal routine.

There are certainly people in the medical profession that don't respect us for the brains we have - but in this case - if we make adjustments during the test we have ruined it. It would be like taking a treadmill stress test and slowing down in the middle cuz we were a little tired and winded and didn't want to push too hard and get stressed. 

So the day when there is a CGMS that doesn't have a 72 hours limit is coming but until then - this is a tool that can help.

Linda & Dax
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