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Re: [IP] Brittle Diabetes

I think that when BGs are hard to control, it means that your pancreas
(meaning both beta AND alpha cells) is totally gone and not helping at
all. (Duck theory)

Even when you are insulin-deficient, but still make some of your own,
and you also make glucagon on your own, DM is much easier to control. 
Many Type 1's do have residual insulin secretion as measured by
C-peptide test -- not enough to survive, but enough to help when
exogenous insulin is used. Some Type 1's have NONE, and impaired
glucagon secretion as well -- and without ANY internal means of
regulating glucose, they are pretty much at the mercy of whatever else
is going on. 

The other thing to ALWAYS remember is YMMV -- you can't compare yourself
with anyone else, because their DM  ISN'T the same as yours! 

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