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RE: Re: [IP] Re: college and diabetes



I've been diabetic since I was 6 and am starting the pump tomorrow.
While I cannot tell you about what it is like to be on a pump, I can
tell you about the diabetes part.


You want to make sure that YOU carry the emergency food with you at all
times.  I keep cans of Dole pineapple juice with me and a pack of
toastcheese crackers.  I also have these within arms reach of my bed at
school.  Your blood testing machine also needs to be close by at all
times.  Mine stays with my emergency food at night, so that if I have a
morning like yesterday and wake up at 37, I do not have to move or think
to get to the food.


I have not contacted the disability service on campus about my diabetes.
I tell my professors when something is not right (which usually happens
when I'm put on prednisone and planning on a week in bed with
bronchitis).  I have only had one prof who did not understand.  If you
are planning on taking any science labs, I would highly recommend
telling your TA.  Also, on the inside of my lab notebook I keep a list
of emergency phone numbers (my endo's, a close friend on campus who
knows what to do in an emergency and has done it many times, and my
parents') along with the fact that I have diabetes and what to do if I
pass out or do not know what is going on.


I hope that this can help you in some way.  Best wishes making your
decision about which school.  If I can help in any way, please feel free
to personally e-mail me (email @ redacted).


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