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> I know this may been known by most diabetics here, but
> why isn't the MM Continuous Glucose Monitor available
> as a permanant blood sugar monitoring method?  And why
> is the screen blocked so that sugars are only known 3
> days after the fact?  Someone told me it would be
> dangerous for diabetics to know their BS all the time
> since no one knows what to do with such extensive data
> on glucose levels.  That's completely absurd and there
> must be another explanation. Is there any hope it will
> be available sometime soon for individuals on a more
> permanent basis?   Thanks!

I asked this question some time ago at a MM chat and got an equally inane
response - We eliminated the display because we found the patients were
making adjustments based on the numbers. DUH! One more example of the
medical profession's attitude that the patient is not to be trusted with
their own care. I'm sure that when the CGMS wearer made adjustments their
doctor probably labeled them "non-compliant".

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