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Re: [IP] Re: ketones

In a message dated 3/21/02 4:29:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> ...why would you even think about checking for 
> ketones with a normal bg reading?  

    This is the SINGLE most important "oversight" that I only learned in the 
past few years ...and have been preaching it over & over again to 
everyone...IF there is frequent vomiting, even if the bgs are NORMAL, you 
MUST check for ketones because the dehydration from vomiting can send the 
patient into DKA VERY rapidly. This recently happened to ourJDRF WALK 
chairman whose 8 yr old daughter uses a pump. It doesn't matter if you're a 
pumper or not, EXCEPT that when my own child was on shots & sick, I was still 
spoon feeding her coke or ginger ale & getting in SOME fluids. Because we're 
"comforted" by the fact that one need not eat with a pump, it's easy to be 
lulled into forgetting about fluids.
    The WALK chairman's child's appearance altered so dramatically within a 
few hrs, he rushed her to the ER & they said it was a good thing he had done 
so!!! The mom remained, they let the mom handle the pump 100%, but she was 
appalled that her daughter's IV had to be readjusted every 30 minutes as they 
worked diligently on re-balancing her daughter's unbalanced body chemistry. 
    So - a word to EVERYONE ( since I first heard this story about a 26 yr 
old woman living alone whose friends found her close to being in a coma): 
FREQUENT VOMITING, even in the absence of high bgs, is an absolute MUST for 
checking ketones & seeking medical intervention!!!
     This is also a KEY piece of information for the college thread.....Make 
sure your friends , R.A., anyone know that if you're vomiting repeatedly, GET 
HELP...and if the vomiting is from alcohol, all the more so!!!.....but that's 
a topic for yet another e-mail posting!!
Renee (Melissa's pump mom...pump anniversary #6 was last Friday!!)
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