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[IP] Re: ACE Inhibitors and low blood pressure

> From: Sheri Byrne <email @ redacted>

> Anyone on an ACE Inhibitor for kidney protection when they have low blood
> pressure?I do occasionally have problems with stuff "going black" when I
> rise suddenly or take a really hot shower.  Is there someway to counteract
>the blood pressure dropping affect of the ACE inhibitors without losing the
>kidney protection?


I've had orthostatic hypotension for many years and I am  on Zestril, an
ACE inhibitor  with only occasional wooziness from the low BP.  Last month
my BP took a real dive and I blacked out long enough to fall on my rear and
hurt my tailbone.  My doctor wanted to put me on Fiorinef to help conserve
sodium to elevate my BP but agreed to let me try a high sodium diet instead.
It's working fine and I just have to make sure that I salt everything.  (I
don't eat fast foods so I don't get sodium that way.)  I also watch out for
any signs of dehydration as that messes up my electrolytes and will make my
BP drop sharply.

By the way the combination of Zestril and Levaquin (an antibiotic prescribed
for me by an internist when I had a sore throat) did send me to the ER a few
years ago after I passed out. My  endo told me to stop the Zestril while on
that antibiotic as it interacted with the Levaquin .I started taking the
Zestril again when the course of antibiotic therapy was over.

Best wishes and watch those hot showers!
Denise Guerin
Type 1 47 years
Minimed 507 4 years
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