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RE: [IP] Re: Brittle diabetes

Thanks Barbara Mom of Claire.....
I too am tired of everyone saying that there is a reason for "brittle
diabetes".  My body does it's own thing no matter what I try, how many times
I test, change basals, bolus, etc. etc.

I can eat the same exact food every single day, take the same bolus and the
#'s are never the same.

I have finally come to the conclusion not to stress myself out over the
b.g., to catch a low or high quickly enough to treat it and go with the

I get a little disgusted when I hear all these nice people saying how
wonderful their b.g. and a1c's are and wonder if there is something
seriously wrong with me that I can't get that type of control....and then I
just say "the heck with it"!
I'm not perfect, my body certainly isn't perfect and there are just too many
factors in life to bring about weird #'s.

Kathy B.
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