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Re: [IP] Re: ? pump boluses required before meals

Gabe was Dr. B's patient for one year.  Dr. B  diagnosed mild gastroparesis, but that was not independently confirmed.  I can tell you that it takes 3=4 hours for about 2 ounces of protein to show up for Gabe.  Maybe everyone's b.g.s is like this.  Pizza, meat and fish sometimes show up at 3 a.m. and sometimes even the next day as very elevated b.g.  Is that gastroparesis?  I don't know.

Gabe does not snack after dinner.  His overnight b.g. has been absolutely lovely since we started pumping; never rising above 130 and not dropping below 79.  Except when he ate pizza for lunch.  He was great all day and all evening (80-105) after lunch and dinner.  By 1 a.m. he was 159 and by 3 a.m he was 265.  A 3 unit injection (not bolus) only brought him to 201 in the a.m.  In addition, the next day he was 30-40 points higher at every meal than he usually is (same lunch and breakfast and doses every school day)

My point is that I don't know if this is gastroparesis of just what other diabetic pizza eaters experience.  I know the pizza effect is quite common.

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