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[IP] re: brittle diabetes and BG swings (long)

Jenn said:
>I can do the exact same thing every day, and eat the exact same thing both 
days and have wild sugars.  Actually, I have wild sugars even when I don't 
est anything.<

It wounds like there is a cycle going on...low 
This does set you up for the "rollercoaster ride" .
Even with eating the same thing, doing the same thing, are the people asking 
you to do things the same? Are the stressors the same? Do some people make 
you feel calm to be around them, or do they irritate you? Are the hormones, 
time of month, time of day, the same? Is the absorption of insulin the same? 

There are just too many variables to control. Delayed gastric emptying and 
decreased renal function can cause low BGs, as well as incorrect boluses or 
Stress can make you go high or low, although most people tend to go high. A 
bad site, an undiagnosed illness can cause high BG. Pain can cause BG to go 
Dehydration can make your BG look higher than normal. Not eating anything 
just puts your body into a starvation mode to slow down your metabolism, and 
if there have not been repeated lows to use up the stored glycogen, your 
liver can release glucose to maintain a level your brain is happy with.

Sometimes, more insulin to treat a rebounding high BG will set you up for 
another low BG, you overtreat, then hit it with more insulin to bring it down 
and.. on and on it goes.
Brittle diabetes is often a term used to indicate "I have no clue what the 
problem is!"
There is usually a reason. Very frequently, it is too much insulin or too 
much food or "treatment" at the wrong time.  basal testing, bolus testing, 
and resetting of the target BG is a good place to start to find out what is 
the best solution.

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