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Re: [IP] Re: ? pump boluses required before meals

In a message dated 3/20/2002 7:06:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> The statement refers to one particular individual. Let's not forget that 
> there are some people who need to bolus with Humalog or Novolog *after* 
> they 
> eat, even a few who bolus with Regular/Velosulin after eating, and many 
> people (some with gastroparesis) who extend/square wave an entire bolus 
> from 
> 30 minutes to several hours after eating a meal.  My point is...YMMV.
> BarbaraB

Also it may be site dependent.  If a site is in the abdomen, it could absorb 
much faster.  Gastroparesis is a different issue and obviously requires 
different bolus or injection management.  Even people without gastroparesis, 
like Gabe, benefit from square waving high protein/fat meals.

I am talking about how much time it takes a bolus to drop b.g. 10-15 points.  
For Gabe that is 10-15 minutes.  Boluses given right before meals lead to 
post prandial spikes above 160.  Same meal, same bolus given 15 minutes 
before meal will result in little or no spike at 1 hour.


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