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Re: [IP] Ketones

Ok, as far as having Ketone strips, they are cheap, you don't (I hope) need
them often..so get them if you want.

However, I FEEL it when I have ketones. My muscles have a "numb" sort of
feeling when at rest. When I move they have a "weak feeling" and feeling of
"fatigue". It's a feeling I can't miss. I know when I have ketones.

I was on a sliding scale before getting on the pump. I use the same basic
formula for the pump that I has when on injections.

One thing that my endo has me doing that I have not heard others talk about
is this.  When my BS gets above 200, I change the formula for the
"supplemental insulin addition" to my bolus. I change from using 1 unit per
30 mg/dL (<200) to using 1 unit per 20 mg/dL (>200).

For example, with a 150, I would add 2 units to my regular bolus
(150-2(30)=90. I would expect to have a BS near 90 at my next meal.
With a BS over 200 the 1 to 30 ratio does not get it. With a 200, I use
200-5(20)=100 (close enough). I would expect to have a 100 before my nest

Anyone else doing this?-James
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