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[IP] Re: ACE inhibitors

I also developed a horrible dry cough from Vasotec.  I was started on it
because I had a few high BP readings - not consistently high though, more so
because of protection for the kidneys.  I tried to put up with it for 6
months, always chewing gum, sipping water or sucking cough candies to try to
deal with the cough.  But after 6 months of sleepless nights I stopped taking
it.  After a couple of weeks -- no more cough.  My family doctor put me on
Diovan (an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker - ARB) which is thought to have the
same protective effect for the kidney (but not as much research backing it as
an ACEi).  I've been on it for about a year with no cough and no side effects.
Had my BP checked today - a little on the low side, but no ill effects.  I
will do (& take) whatever I can to help prevent kidney disease.

From: email @ redacted
<My family physician also insisted my taking Vasotec, but after 6 months of
using it, I developed such a cough that it even kept me awake at night.
    When I went back to see the doctor, he pretty much said that I have to
learn to live with the cough problem since Vasotec protected the kidneys>
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