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Re: [IP] ketones

> Pam C* wrote:
> "...a friend of mine, who is Type #1 and pumping for 8mos., was told
> by his endo. that it was not necessary for him to order ketone
> strips to have on hand, in case of multiple high blood sugars...."
> p all true. even my doctor says looking over my numbers, "Ya got any
> ketones?" Well if I didn't have strips how would I know aside from
> feeling awful. Everyone with type 1 should have at least ketostix.

Just my opinion, NOT advice.

Think about it a minute. Knowing you have keytones does not prevent 
them and will not prevent DKA.
Knowing that blood sugars are high is a good indication that 
dehydration can occur because the kidneys will attempt to excrete the 
excess glucose along with a bunch of water.

Dehydration can be prevented easily by simply drinking water or diet 
sports drink (which have electrolytes).

DKA happens when three things converge
1) high bg's
2) keytones
3) dehydration

We've been told that one should always make sure to drink plenty of 
fluids when high bg's occur. That prevents #3

Prolonged high bg's obviously require medical intervention if efforts 
to lower them don't work or there are other medical complications.

so.... while it may be nice to know you have keytones, the actions to 
take are based on high bg's, not the presence of keytones. Keytones 
can occur normally because of exercise and/or diet and are not 
necessarily indicative of poor bg control. Obviously persistent high 
bg's can cause keytones, but by that point corrective action should 
already have been take to lower bg's and insure correct hydration.

whose daughter has not checked for keytones in at least 5 years,
maybe more.
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