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Re: [IP] slow pump site absorption

In a message dated 3/20/02 1:52:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Also, I find that high b.g.s come down slower with the pump (site in butt
> versus arm or ab injections).
> this is well known. Sites absorb slower than random injections into your
> anatomy.spot another reason why tables and nomograms do not
> work.considerable third spacing can 

True enough that tables and "nomograms" (I will have to look that word up) 
are for general use...but my friend Ron Sebol develops the tables based on 
information gathered from Gabriel specifically.  We are doing several "drop" 
profiles where we measure how fast and how long a unit of Humalog works FOR 
GABRIEL ONLY.  Then Ron will analyze the data to determine the some important 
facts for adjusting the basal rates.  He has already done this for another 
parent on the list and it has been quite successful.

Math can be applied to diabetes control if the correct "clean" data is 
gathered for that individual and general principles applied.

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