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RE: [IP] Ketones

I learned a lot about ketoacidosis when I was in it.  I was way out of control
and didn't care.  They said it's when there is NO insulin at all available.
Either it's very sudden(illness,etc.) or it's from lack of control.  You get
to a point in DKA that injected insulin will not  work.  It's like injecting
water.  I was injecting 5 u every hour and it did me no good.  It has to be
administered IV to do the trick when you get past a certain point.  I have had
higher bg than when I went to the ER.  It was 550 at that point.  I was
walking around at 676 the day I changed drs.  The difference is that the 550
was long term lack of control and there was no insulin. I got a virus and it
sent me over the edge.  The 676 I had had insulin recently and there was  a
sufficient amt to keep me out of DKA.
My endo says anytime you have 2 consecutive bgs over 240 to start checking
ketones. I think this is a safe level to start.

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