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[IP] Ace Inhibitors

>I was wondering.....my dad, who is now a type1, was a type 2 for two years,
>saw his endo and the doctor said that "it didn't matter if you were on
>or on the pill, every diabetic should be on an Ace inhibitor."
I attended the Diabetes Expo in NJ last Saturday.  A doctor from Wyeth (drug
company) talked about
a study done where Altace (their brand of Ace Inhibitor) dramatically
reduced heart disease risk ( See results of the hops study)
in diabetics.  I attended his session because my doctor just started me on
Altace two days before.
 I was started on it for slightly elevated blood pressure, but my endo said
that he thinks it's a
good idea because it also protects kidneys.  He does not put everyone on it,

all true. the biggest factor in kidney disease in diabetes is yet to be
known. Hypertension, high blood pressure is an important factor in cusing
and accelerating kidney disease. and atherosclerosis. spot
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