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[IP] ketones

Pam C* wrote:
"...a friend of mine, who is Type #1 and pumping for 8mos., was told by his
endo. that it was not necessary for him to order ketone strips to have on
hand, in case of multiple high blood sugars...."

>From User's Manual for 508 MiniMed, User Safety section, page 102,
"Therefore, it is essential that you make frequent (at least four to six
time per day blood glucose determinations.  If blood glucose levels are high
(over 250 mg/dl), you must be prepared to give an injection of regular [ah,
we mostly use H, right?] insulin and troubleshoot the pump and infusion set
all true. even my doctor says looking over my numbers, "Ya got any ketones?"
Well if I didn't have strips how would I know aside from feeling awful.
Everyone with type 1 should have at least ketostix. as far as the insulin,
Humulog will work just as well as regujlar, it just won't last as long. I
threw out more ketostix than I used for ketones last year but that is good.
I like the foil pouches, mrs spot keeps em cool in her pocketbook and i keep
some in my meter case.the lasrge economy size is good for little kids i
guess but i never used them up prior to expiry. spot your regular insuluin
should expire before you need it. if you are any kind of pumper.
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