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Re: [IP] gastroparesis and low BS

> >Hi,
> >I would have a blood sugar of 40 then start on the fast acting carbs. The 
> >BS might go to 55 and stay there for some time(30 min.). For fear the BS 
> >would go down I took more carbos. It is very hard to hold back on tne 
> >carbos. The bs would let go and 300 or so would appear.Has anyone seen this 
> >effect?
> Hi Eddie,
> I've had something similar to this happen many times.  I'm low, I
> treat the low, and I continue to go lower.  Its gotten me into the
> E.R. more times than I can count.

What works well for my daughter is to eat enough glucose to bring 
bg's to 150 then check in 20 minutes, repeating until bg's are above 
100. I've seen it take her 2-3 attempts to stabilize a low using this 
scheme. Almost always it would result in her bg's rising, just not 
enough. I've never seen her go lower than the first reading, even 
when she accidentally got the 90u overdose of insulin. That 
particular scenario took about 5 hours to correct.
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