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Re: [IP] gastroparesis and low BS

> What were you using to raise the low sugar?  WIth gastroparesis,
> food sits in the stomach and the tablets or food simply sit on top
> and don't get digested. 
>  When the food and tablets (or whatever you were using to raise the
>  sugar) 

Glucose is absorbed directly through mucous membrane including that 
in the mouth and throat. It does not require digestion so 
gastroparesis is not an issue. Any other type of sugar DOES require 
digestion and must be broken down into glucose before it can be used 
just like any other carb. Throughly chewing a glucose tab and 
swishing it around as you do so or using glucose gel will maximize 
the speed at which you can bring bg's up. According to our endo, you 
can ingest more glucose in this fashion than any other method 
including IV glucose -- which damages blood vessels in concentrated 

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