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Re: [IP] pump comparison

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: RE:RE: [IP] pump comparison
> > Any of the three pumps will provide excellent control.  Getting a tiny
> bit
> > every three minutes or every half hour doesn't seem to make a
> difference in
> > the subsequent HbA1c which is the measure of control (not finger stick
> blood
> > glucose tests).
> Does anyone know of any studies that have been done to prove this?
> Karen -

you don't really need to study it very hard. If you simply overlay 
the insulin activity graphs supplied with both Humalog and Novlog, 
you will see that overlaying them every few minutes or even every 
hour makes very little difference in what the resulting combined 
profile looks like. Non-diabetics do not produce a smooth profile, so 
I doubt that it makes any difference at all how the insulin is 
infused sub-cu. This would NOT be true for insulin infused with an 
internal pump. There, the insulin is absorbed within a matter of 
minutes rather than hours -- similar to IV administation of insulin.

The marketing arguments about the superiority of one timing scheme vs 
another will go on forever, but the result won't change in a persons 
body. When the primary activity curve for insulin spans at least 2 
hours, giving a dose at half that time or less produces a relatively 
smooth overall activity profile in the body. 

email @ redacted
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