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RE: [IP] pump supplies under new insurance??

You're in scary territory, but there are people at MM that can help you.
After all, it is very much in their interest to help you resolve your
insurance issues.  Don't delay asking for their help as it may take a while
to get this resolved, and you are going to need supplies in a month.

My insurance representatives were clueless about the pump and supplies, but
MM took the lead and got it all straightened out for me.  I honestly believe
the MM representatives know more about the insurer's coverage options that
most insurer's representatives where pumping is concerned.

Not every change an employer makes in insurance coverage benefits us.  My
employer changed our life insurance coverage so that qualified, "healthy"
employees maximum coverage increased from 3 to 4 times their annual salary.
But being D, I'm not a "healthy" person so my maximum coverage went from 3
to 2 times my annual salary.  I am not a happy camper about that.

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