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[IP] pump supplies under new insurance??

My employer just switched to a new insurance policy and I am trying to find 
out if pump supplies is covered.  I already have a 508 model, have been on 
pump therapy for over 3 years.  Our insurance coordinator is Beechstreet, 
which is not an actual insurance company, just a coordinator.  We have 
pharmacy benefits through Inteq, and medical benefits under Willis.  I have 
never even heard of either until now but... I have called both and neither 
seems to know what I'm talking about, much less whether or not it is 
covered.  Both said I should call the other.  Insulin is covered and so are 
needles and testing supplies.  They are mailing me a list of what drugs are 
covered.  Neither one knew what durable medical equipment is, which is what 
pump supplies was classified as under my cigna policy.  What should I do 
now?  How do I find out if it is covered or not?  Also, if I do indeed find 
out it isn't covered, is there anything I can do?  I cannot pay for it out 
of pocket but shots makes me feel sick all the time and my control is 
horrible without the pump.  Please give me some advice.  I will be needing 
supplies next month and I am very worried.  One minute things are covered 
and fine and the next... who knows?


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