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Re: [IP] gastroparesis and low BS

What were you using to raise the low sugar?  WIth gastroparesis, food sits in 
the stomach and the tablets or food simply sit on top and don't get digested. 
 When the food and tablets (or whatever you were using to raise the sugar) 
finally empty, b.g. shoots up to enormous high numbers.  I have that with my 
son when he eats too much protein and/or fat, especially meat.  We have b.g.s 
in the 50's 1-2 hours after the meal and then have to use glucose tabs; when 
the protein and rest of the meal and the tabs show up, b.g. rises to above 

You might want to find ways to get digestion moving so that you don't have to 
use so much correction glucose. 

Bernstien suggests HCL pepsin ( a digestive enzyme) before the meal and also 
papaya enzyme as well as various exercise.  Prescription medicine such as 
Reglan are often used and there is some experimental work using Viagra (yep, 
the real thing) to facilitate stomach emptying.

Check out the web on gastroparesis as the keyword and check out Bernstein's 
book and talk to your doctor.

not an M.D.

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