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Re: Fw: [IP] Emotional Stress and Weather Can Cause High Blood Sugars(BS)

<P>Subject: [IP] Emotional Stress and Weather Can Cause High Blood Sugars(BS)</P>
<P>To All,<BR>The idea is that when High Blood Sugars <BR>occur(can be greater than 450) due to<BR>either or both of these Stresses I <BR>give myself large shots of<BR>Humalog(5-15/shot) to start the <BR>BS<BR>downwards trend. I must give these shots to kick start the BS <BR>downwards.<BR>Reducing the stress level or lowering the temperature and %RH <BR>does not always<BR>cause a downward trend.<BR><BR>When the BS goes down to <BR>say 200-300 I start giving myself fast acting<BR>carbos(equal to the amount <BR>required based on the amount of insulin injected<BR>initially) until my BS <BR>levels off, say 100, and starts going back up and<BR>levels at say <BR>150-200.<BR><BR>It is important to measure your BS every 30 mins or even <BR>more freqently if rhe<BR>rate of BS is droping rapidly then measure every 10 <BR>mins or less. Remember<BR>there must be time to redistribute the BS but it <BR>is OK to measure relative to<BR>fingers even thought BS would only be <BR>relative .<BR!
><BR>This cycle may take 8 hrs or more.<BR><BR>You should have <BR>back up incase you overshoot the low even though I have gone<BR>to a BS of <BR>23 and still walking to the ice box and choosing me a soda. One MD<BR>told <BR>me he had a person having BS of 9 but don't chance it but also don't <BR>be<BR>so afraid of "lows".<BR><BR>Here Are a fews of my <BR>experences:<BR><BR>Emotional Stress-I watched a movie for 1 hr my BS level <BR>went to 400( a<BR>increase of 200 (BS). I took 10 units of insulin. <BR>Remember that insulin must<BR>that be asigned to carbos.<BR>Don't go to <BR>sleep without eating enough fast acting carbs. I have sleep off<BR>emotional <BR>stess but doesn't aways work.<BR><BR>Weather-I am using say 85 F/85% <BR>RH.<BR><BR>Example 1- I stayed in this Weather(85 F, 85%RH) about 5 min. <BR>then went be in<BR>the good Weather of my house. When I was in the Weather, <BR>my BS went up 90 BS<BR>units and when  I went into my house and waited <BR>severl mins my BS !
went 90<BR>units. This serves as a good  example of <BR>reverabily of the effects of<BR>Weather.<BR><BR>Example 2(an extrerme <BR>case)-we had been in high T(90 F) and high %RH(.85) to<BR>about 6:00 p.m. I <BR>measured greater than 450.My EXact Tech only goes to 450. I<BR>gave myself a <BR>shot,  with a needle, of 15 units HomalogU100, we went inside <BR>to<BR>eat. At 1 hour my BS was again  greater than 450, I took 10 units <BR>more and<BR>waited another, eating a plain hambuger.<BR>I measured my BS at <BR>greater than 450 I took 15 more units of insulin. After a<BR>bit my BS came <BR>to about 300. Then I started eating fasting carbo's. I measured<BR>100 in <BR>about 30 mins the next 30 mins gave a BS of 110. This was about 1:00<BR>and <BR>I was very sleep so I went to sleep. At about my BS was 130. I <BR>patted<BR>myself on the back and had a free cup of coffee and to enjoy my <BR>familys<BR>vacation knowing all the time what I had to do to get up in the <BR>morning ready<!
BR>to go to..... having a bit more experence. I  got the <BR>feeling how I really<BR>Loved Life.</P>
<P> Do not try this except with your medical team!<BR><BR>Take Care<BR>Eddie<BR><BR></P><BR>

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