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[IP] [Pump Problems]

> . The Minimed constantly alarms, and I get about 5 alarms a week.

I've been pumping with the MM508 for over a year now and haven't had one
single alarm yet.....except for the lo battery and lo volume ones which are
more or less just reminders, not problems.
- ----------------------------------------------------------
In a word : Nutz. My 508 is 3+ years old, except for an occasional Low
volume and No Delivery alarm it is quiet. The only annoying alarm is the
Auto Off alarm which is "So Wahat". In my view I love my Minimed 508 and Am
sorry there is no similar upgrade path since I don't want a Paradigm since
it is not really waterproof. The minimed alarms are so quiet and discreet
hat you often don't hear them unless you are listening for them. Initially I
listened carefully but now I have tuned out my 508.spot
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