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[IP] pump comparison

From: email @ redacted
Subject: RE:RE: [IP] pump comparison

> Any of the three pumps will provide excellent control.  Getting a tiny
> every three minutes or every half hour doesn't seem to make a
difference in
> the subsequent HbA1c which is the measure of control (not finger stick
> glucose tests).

Does anyone know of any studies that have been done to prove this?
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many studies were done with the biostator pump which was a closed loop pump,
glucose sensor and pump in one. the results were similasr to normal people
as were the tight control twice a day insulin pushers(us on mdi). The
results were reported some years ago in Diabetes. A1c is formed over time,
not suddenly. the Globin has to be glycosylated in order to get glycosylated
hemoglobin.  If you want the exact reference write me off list.  Any
experienced long term pumper can tell youcomparing pumps on the physiology
of how a pump gets insulin into the body and other such stuff is marketing
drivel. the best pump is the one you select for you. Taken as a group we
have lots of different pumps, there are lots of reasons. the availability of
qualified people at the end of a phone line, ability to have a loaner
anyplace in the world within hours and resistance of your pump to shock,
dropping and other punishments is very important. I would not do you a favor
if I told you what kind of pump to purchase, you must work it out. BTW you
say not finger stick bg tests, well finger stick bg tests are what an A1c
test is, averaged over time. if you get a pump be prepared to test lots of
times during ther day. Testing is the basis on which successful pumping is
built. spot
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