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RE: [IP] reusing pump supplies

I, like you, have always had my supplies covered by insurance.  BUT....  I
have always refilled my reservoir and used it twice.  I just act like the
line is empty when I reattach it and push about 20 units through it.  If
it's really quiet in the house I can hear the spit when the bubble comes

I was recently talking to the local Animas rep (also a CDE), and she advised
me NOT to refill the reservoir, but to fill it to the max on the initial use
and then just change the line/site.  I actually have been only changing the
site because it takes a smaller prime and saves on the insulin.  Depending
on the type of set you use, is depending on how much you have to prime.
When I use the silhouette or the ultra, it's very small.  When I use the
Minimed QRs, it's more.

Hope this helps.

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