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[IP] Re: College and Diabetes

I have a non-diabetic daughter going to college next year and I am worried 
about her so I can imagine what it is like to worry about a diabetic child 
being away from home.  

I don't know if it will reassure you but I survived 4 years of college on 1 
shot a day (old school way of thinking) and no BG testing (1976 - 1980).  I 
rarely even tested urine because it would not tell me if I was low which I 
felt was more important.  Mostly I went based on how I felt and tried to keep 
it higher during times when I was particularly afraid to go low (tests).

As parents it's hard to let go and let your kids make their own decisions 
knowing that that they will make some mistakes (we all do) and praying that 
there are not severe consequences to those decisions.

Type 1 28 yrs, pumping 2 1/2 years Novalog
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