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Re: [IP] Re: college and diabetes


I completely agree with you. You take every reasonable precaution you can 
think of, and that's the best you can do.

I had my first(and last) severe (passing out) low the night before I left 
home. I was moving into my own apartment after completing my college degree. 
My parents were understandably concerned, and wondered whether I should even 
live on my own. What it comes down to from my perspective is that you take 
every reasonable precaution you can, but you cannot constantly be in the 
company of people who can help. Everyone has to be alone sometimes. I lived 
alone for two and a half years (age 18 - 20). I was fine during that time, 
never having a severe reaction, and never requiring assistance. I understand 
parents' concerns, but as a young person, it is hard to deal with parents 
who sometimes seem a little too concerned...  You have to go out on your own 


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