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Re: [IP] Ketone Strip Question/Informal Poll...

>>>I was recently informed that a friend of mine, who is Type #1 and pumping
for 8mos., was told by his endo. that it was not necessary for him to order
ketone strips to have on hand, in case of multiple high blood sugars.<snip>
Pam C*>>>


Since DMers are in charge of their own care and we have a team to advise us,
but we still, ultimately, make our own decisions, having Ketostix on hand
can be a valuable tool. It has been made available to us for our own good. I
get the NDC 0193-2640-20 by Bayer which are individually foil wrapped and
have about a 2-yr exp. date. There are 20 in a box and very easy to carry a
few. They are about $10 depending on the pharmacy and mine usually has to
special order them. YMMV (~_^)

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