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[IP] reusing pump supplies

Hi.  Many of you have talked about reuse of pump supplies.  Since my insurance
pays for all of my supplies, except for a small co-pay (that MiniMed doesn't
always bill me for!), I haven't tried to reuse anything.  But it occurred to
me that I might not always have insurance coverage, so I thought I would
experiment, based on what I gleaned from your comments.  What a disaster!

My reservoir (cartridge) nearly empty, I screwed on another needle, and
refilled it.  (No problems here.)  But when I reattached it to the 43" tubing
of my already-inserted Quickset, the tubing ABSOLUTELY filled with TONS of
bubbles and no matter how I primed, pushed, and swore, I only produced bubbles
and, eventually, gave up, throwing away many precious units of humalog and
starting from scratch with new reservoir and Quickset.

What dumb thing am I doing or not doing, or did I completely misunderstand
what you other resourceful pumpers are doing?  (If there are simple
instructions, please give them to me 1., 2., 3. etc.  I am a compulsive bean
counter and need things in order!)  Thank you for help (I'm especially bummed
out, because my hbA1c is 7.7 today, the worst it has been since I've been on
the pump, Feb 1995.  A major blow for me.)
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