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[IP] Ace inhibitor

I was wondering.....my dad, who is now a type1, was a type 2 for two years,
saw his endo and the doctor said that "it didn't matter if you were on shots
or on the pill, every diabetic should be on an Ace inhibitor."

I have had diabetes for 15 years now and have never heard this.  The doctor
said that even if you had good control that sometimes the sugars would get
high and the ace inhibitor would help the kidneys deal with it.
Any input? (by the way dad is now applying for a pump!  :-)  I tell him we
could be "pump buddies and go to insulin pumpers camp together" )  I'm not
sure he is as excited as I am. :-)  Misery loves company.
MM507 4 yrs, DM 15, 30 years old, still have pain in hands and exhausted, DR's
now wondering if it's Thyroid.  They've been guessing for a year now.  Very
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