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Re: [IP] Re: college and diabetes


I'm sure my mom has the same concerns about me from time to time.  This is my 
third year in school, and for the past two years I've been a resident 
assistant, so here's my input based on my experiences.

When I got to college, I explained to my roommate what I would act like if I 
had low blood sugar, in case I didn't realize.  I also researched what medical 
options existed on campus and shared them with my roommates (i.e., what number 
to call for medical emergencies, and also not to call 911 but to call campus 
emergency -- free ambulance).  It was a good thing I did this because in 
November of that year I went into a seizure while I was sleeping.  It woke my 
roommate up and she called the emergency line.

You know how everyone says college is where you meet the people who will be 
your friends for life?  Well, they say that for a reason.  The friends I have 
here would bend over backwards for me, and vice versa.  If I were sick and 
concerned about being by myself, I would have no trouble getting a friend to 
hang out with me just to make sure I was ok.

>From the RA perspective, all colleges have a medical center, as well as a 24 
hour nurse on call.  For my school, if we call after the medical center closes, 
we get transferred to the nurse on duty at a nearby hospital.  We discuss the 
situation with him/her, and if they think we need to come in, our campus public 
safety drops us off and picks us up afterwards so that we don't have to walk or 
pay for a taxi.

Interesting to note, when I was accepted to the school, the disability resource 
center contacted me to let me know about their services.  They suggested I just 
go in and fill out some paperwork in case I ever run into trouble.  (i.e., if I 
miss classes due to something diabetic related, they can send letters to 
professors, have someone take notes for me, etc).  Also, they would make sure I 
always had a refridgerator in my room for my medication.

I hope this helps a bit.


>My daughter is only 14 but what worries me about college is sick days. We 
>just spent the last couple of days nursing her through an illness that 
>included vomiting.  With the frequent testing through the night, I wondered 
>how she could ever handle that on her own in college.  What would you do?  
>How would you wake yourself up every hour or two when you are really sick?  
>Would you go to the campus infirmary?  I just can't imagine doing this 
>without help. 

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