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[IP] 400 to 20 in 10minutes

Dear Jenn,
Has your Dr looked at the possibility of Gastroparesis ? (Nerve damage to the
stomach).  The stomach "empties" erratically sometimes too slow, sometimes
quickly.  Because the food and the Insulin don't match properly ypu can get
Hypos (food not digested but Insulin working) or Hypers (food digests AFTER
Insulin has peaked).  Often this doesn't look like a pattern until you know
what your looking for.

Drugs to help with digestion are often prescribed (motility agents); as well
as changes to diet; changes to Insulin timing for meals; also exercise can
help improve digestion.

Try working through all the possible reasons for your swings with your Dr.  If
your current Dr can't help, maybe its time to change Drs.  I know the type of
swings you describe are terrible (physically and mentally).
"Brittle" is just a term used when the experts don't have the answers.

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