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[IP] Mom's illness and your pain

else to ever get this, and knowing the road she's about to walk down is
very scarry for me but i'm trying not to show her that...
her attitude is since she's not as "bad off" as i am, why does she need to
go? (no, don't try to find the logic in that- there is none). i think my
experience has scarred her too much. has this ever happened to any of you?
what do you? how do you make them go to the doc without scarring them
thanks for listening....
leann marcucci
Hi Leanne:
getting the diagnosis is as Calamatous for some as the treatment. Denial is
not just a river in Egypt Leann I remember 41 years ago the feeling that I
was hit in the face by a lead pipe. Most folks won't go to a doc unless they
accept they have something. " I don't want to waste his time" and stuff like
that is common.  The worse the diagnosis, the more denial and excuses. as
you know from personal experience, the Fantasy world is a refuge for egos.
I'll bet you privatly cry for your mom and I would let her know, maybe that
will get thru to her. Spot with his Doctor hat on.(You are The Daughter she
always wanted you to be) Capital letters added for emphasis)
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