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[IP] Re: diabetes in relatives

Ever heard the old joke "Denial ain't just a river in
Egypt?" argh. I can totally relate to a parent in D

I've been T1 since 1977 and have gone through some
lovely experiences in front of my father - at least
one low b.s. where I passed out and ended up in the
ER, and two laser surgeries. So one might think he
would realize just how serious this disease of ours
is... however, he was diagnosed with T2 last year
(he's obese) and was given medicine and instructions
to "watch your diet". 

Editorial note: Are you kidding? A man whose primary
food group is sugar should just "watch his diet"? Eek.
That's helpful - guess I should have thought of that
piece of helpful advice earlier! OK, editorial over. 

Anyway, his theory is now that he can eat whatever he
wants, he just takes more medicine. I bought him a
meter and had a heart to heart talk, and now he is
being a little more careful and tests his bs once or
twice a week. But in short I'm:

1) Appalled. No, Shocked. No, Dismayed. And more! At
how this was handled (e.g. not handled) by his doctor.
2) Not quite sure how to further emphasize how
important it is to not binge on sugar. I just keep
thinking - if I had taken care of myself in my teens
and early twenties the way I do now, I would be a
whole lot healthier and wouldn't be going through the
same kind of problems I'm currently having... sigh.
Well, I guess hindsight is always 20/20!

<snip>her attitude is since she's not as "bad off" as
i am, why does she need 
go? (no, don't try to find the logic in that- there is
none). i think 
experience has scarred her too much. <snip>

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