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[IP] Re: diabetes in relatives

I am interested in how to deal with this as well.  Every once in a while I
check my husband's BG and the last few have been high (anywhere from 8.3 to
11.7....or in American units 149-210).  He will not go to the doctor to have
it checked out, I'm not sure if he is scared or in denial.  He commented that
his results aren't as high as my BG is sometimes, so it must not be a big
deal.  He has a family history of diabetes and he is overweight.  I can't make
him go to the doctor (he hasn't been for over 2 years)...any advice would be
Melissa Atcheson

From: Leann Marcucci <email @ redacted>
<her attitude is since she's not as "bad off" as i am, why does she need to
go? (no, don't try to find the logic in that- there is none). i think my
experience has scarred her too much. has this ever happened to any of you?
what do you? how do you make them go to the doc without scarring them
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