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Re: [IP] 400 to 20 in 10 minutes?

>Is that possible to go from 400 to 20 in 10 minutes?
>I think something is wrong with my meter if I drop
>more than 100 in half an hour.  Does this happen
>often?  Does anyone know how this is possible?  I'm
>truly sorry- this must be extremely difficult for you.

Hi Mary,

Yeah, it is possible, and it happens to me frequently.

I was actually at my doctor's office  a couple of times when it happened.  
(I had tested somewhere in the 400's during an appointment, and they gave me 
a shot of insulin before they sent me home.  Before I had walked out of the 
doc's office, I was doubled over in pain and shaking.  The doc did another 
bg and I had dropped to double digits.

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