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RE: [IP] new and confused

>The cold I've had for two weeks? (This is the first illness of any kind
since being diagnosed 17 months ago.) Will a common cold make me insulin

YMMV, but yes.  When I get a cold I need to up my basal rates across the
board by 50%.  So if I have a .6 it becomes .9.

>>Moving from upper abdomen to lower abdomen? <<

Since you can change this for now, I would try the new site when you don't
have these other variables.

>>6mm cannulas? <<

If you aren't skinny and weren't having problems with the 9mm then you may
need the deeper set.  I use sils so I can't help you there.  However when I
temporarily used softsets I had to use 6mm because of the length.  I don't
know about the other way around.

>>My basal rate isn't working (at least a 60 point rise between bedtime and
rising) and my bolus is way off, often correcting several hours later with
the same amount as the previous bolus.<<

It probably is working, just not enough.  If my pump isn't working, or I
forget to hook back up before going to sleep, I will see a 200-300 point

A couple other things that might be causing it:

*) Old vial of insulin that went bad?
*) New vial of insulin that is bad?
*) Crimp in set you put in?
*) You said you were only diagnosed a little over a year ago, possible end
of 'honeymoon' phase?

Good luck,
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