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[IP] new and confused

What could be causing my highs?

The cold I've had for two weeks? (This is the first illness of any kind
since being diagnosed 17 months ago.) Will a common cold make me insulin

Moving from upper abdomen to lower abdomen? (I've been pumping for 3 months
and am just finally getting down to below the waist.) My lower ab has more
chub that my upper and I am interested to know if the absorption can vary
almost 100% from one site to the next.

6mm cannulas? (MiniMed sent 6mm rather than 9mm Quicksets. They said it
didn't make a difference.)

My basal rate isn't working (at least a 60 point rise between bedtime and
rising) and my bolus is way off, often correcting several hours later with
the same amount as the previous bolus. I'm going to switch back to upper ab
tomorrow to try an eliminate one of the above.

I had my basal/bolus rates near perfect for the first two months.

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