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[IP] terrified of lows

Have you done the requisite testing and analyses for good control on the
pump?.  The pump isn't something you can just pick up and expect to make
you have good bg's without your doing your part.  Have you tested your
basals, used your meter at least 6 times a day and kept records?  If
you've done that, you should be able to make some critical judgments
about what is causing your lows.  Did you collapse an hour after a
bolus?  What is happening ?  Don't rely on your doc to do it all or help
when he doesn't have the tools.  Anyone with any smarts will tell you
that injections can't possibly achieve the same precision in bg control
as the pump.  How can you inject a tenth of a unit?   If you go back to
injections, you'll be coping out on yourself.
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